Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Exumas.... Finally... Part 1 of 3

For years we have been cruising to the Bahamas and for years folks have asked; Have you been to the Exumas?
Our intentions were always to travel north to south. Start with the Abacos and work our way down to the Exumas before heading back to the US and the Keys. But it never worked out that way. Either weather or good times and friends kept us in the Abacos. But not this year. The picture above is our first night at anchor just off Highborne Cay

The Sailing Catamaran "Diamond Girl".
They are from Jackson, TN

Yesterday we dicided to go into the Marina at Highborne Cay and this little fellow was our first visitor. He just flew in and sang us a short song and left.
(He just paid us another visit as I am writing this)

There is a short road next to the marina. Take a left and go to the beach... to the right is the famous "Spring". more on that later.
So we went to the beach; and a beautiful beach it is.

I am going to break this day up into a couple more post. Lots of pics.

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