Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All work and not much play

That's what been going on here. Catchin up on the chores we've been putting off. Stainers full of Sea Nettles was where we started. That'll clog up water flow and cause A/C failure and with 95 degree weather that would really suck. Then we started on the washing machine that would not drain. After much thought, toil, and trouble we found the problem... .20 cents. Yep, 2 dimes were lodged in the drain hose. 

                     Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettles

But we really have enjoyed our stay here in Gloucester Point, VA. It's a nice quiet little marina with good folks running it. We will be leaving today but have a good feeling we will be back soon.

So, it's on to Deltaville to see what that holds for us. Probably more nice scenery and good food. There seems to be an abundance of those things around here. Also, today we leave our new friends aboard Splendido; we're sure to cross paths again soon.

More about Deltaville later.



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