Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heading for the Bay

Catching up from our last post... We left Norfolk and traveled all the way to Portsmouth; a trip of about a quarter of a mile.
I had some computer work to do, charts and stuff, so we moved to the less touristy side of the river. Tidewater Marina turned out to be a really good spot to sit for a few days. Good folks and a great restaurant....

Historic old Portsmouth was interesting. Lots of history and old architecture. We bumped around the High street area , had lunch, and did a little shopping.

But we didn't come all the way to the Chesapeake to stop at Portsmouth. There's lots more to see.
So Saturday we pulled out and made way for the Bay and the York River.

The Wisconsin in downtown Norfolk

We look forward to passing back through this area. We made friends at the marina and they offer a good deal... Did I mention that really good restaurant?
So it's on to the Chesapeake.

It was a gray day in many ways.

More later.


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