Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After passing mile marker 0 on the waterway, we decided to stay at Waterside Marina in Downtown Norfolk. Pretty cool place. With the skyline view on one side and a Hooter's view on the other; this is an interesting Marina. Downtown has a lot to offer, but not on the 5th of July.

We walked Granby Street in search of a good restaurant but all were closed. So we decided on Joe's Crab Shack? We come all the way to the Chesapeake and we go to Joe's Crab Shack? Oh well, it was all that was open.

Our good friend and mate Captain Will Finlay was leaving the next day and he treated us to dinner that night. He was a bit woebegone it was not a more memorable restaurant but... any port in a storm.

We hated to see Will leave, he has been a great mate all the way from Stuart. (Mel has hurt her back and he gave her a few extra days to heal.) We couldn't have done the trip without him. But, he must go home for a BBQ contest in Hobe Sound this weekend.  We wish the Smokey Dog BBQ team the best of luck.

Will with catch of the day after our first all-nighter to Brunswick.
We found this Flying Fish on the bow the next morning.

We walked to the grocery store last night. A very upscale grocery we found. Replenished a few supplies and called FRED for a ride home. Downtown Norfolk provides an electric car for free. FRED = Free ride every day. The driver was able to drop us off right next to Istaboa.Very Convenient.
We grabbed some steamed clams at the Big Easy Oyster Bar. That's another story that we won't publish. Ask us about it someday. Very peculiar.... The Steamers were good though.

 Mel and Radar watching the Great Bridge Bridge open

Today we've decided to cross the river over to Portsmouth. Got a few things to do before heading out to the bay and wherever it is we end up. Downtown Norfolk has been enjoyable but after a couple of days it's become a little touristy for us. One can only take so much Hooters.




More pics from along the way:

Belhaven Art

This guy followed us for about 10 mile of the ICW in North Carolina.

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