Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinkabout — St. Michaels

OK... Our quaint little marina has lost some of it's coziness. What a difference a day makes.Yesterday, just a quiet little marina with a handful of boats and today it looks like Ft. Lauderdale. But, everyone is still very friendly.

So, we put the dink in the water and went Dinkabout...

It's just too damn hot to walk around and far too interesting to not check out, so we dropped the dink in and put the Bimini up to stay in the shade. It was actually quite pleasant and Radar got to go. He loves riding in the little boat.

Yep, a little crowded today.

So we took off to check out some of the boats and houses we can see from the waterside.

 Nice Hinckley picnic boat

I'm tired of coming up with new adjectives to describe this place. Take our word for it... it's very pretty, very manicured, and  looks like old money.

So, we'll just post some of the pics we took today. 

Eastern Bay — St. Michaels

Seriously, can't you see the Cheney's running around out here playing touch football before going off to sail? 
No, wait... that's the Kennedy's in Hyannis Port...  Sorry.
(Yes, Darth Cheney has a home here)

Anyway, we're outta here tomorrow. The Annapolis thing didn't work out, but we plan to come back this way in the fall when the weather is cooler. We'll do Annapolis then.
Also, Craig Andrews posted a comment here yesterday and listed some really interesting places to go see here in the Bay. We will copy his comment for others who cruise this area. Good info.
Some recommendations for your consideration:

1.) Anchor off of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. Wednesday during "happy hour" sailboat race is awesome! Short dingy ride to Old Harbor tie-up and a wide array of restaurants.

2.) Up the Bay to the Chestertown on the Chester River; great old Eastern Shore town w/less tourism.

3.) Further up the Bay to the Sassafras River (last exit before C&D Canal) and then up the river to the tiny non-touristy village of Georgetown. You can anchor just before the bridge or dock (rec: Georgetown Yacht Basin...very dog friendly and the owners and staff are equally so. Ralph and his family are the owners since its founding in the 1940s) walk to two very different restaurants.

Hope to meet you upon your return to Stuart.

Craig Andrews

We plan to do this when we come back in the fall... We love local knowledge.   Thanks Craig.

Tomorrow we head south to wherever we end up.



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