Friday, July 23, 2010

Walkabout — St. Michaels

View from cockpit 5:45 this morning

We have found St. Michaels to be a fetching little place. The homes and shops are held to period and kept up nicely. The locals are mostly weekenders or those who cater to them, but everyone is quite friendly.
It's unbearably hot, but we managed to do a little walkabout around town just to get a feel and it felt good...

Most homes here are small and quaint, though we did see a few as we were coming in from the bay that were quite large estates. But, even they had that old style northeast look about them.

Talbot Street is the main street for shops and things. We did shop a bit, but all we bought was some BBQ sauce —Corky's from Memphis— We were shocked to see it on the shelf and we were out, so... Picked up some local Chesapeake Bay sausage also... Not sure how that will taste.  Love sausage, so had to give it a try.

This old cemetery is next to Christ Church. It dates back to 1692. The old church adds character to old downtown when it chimes the church bells every quarter hour.

And the marina, St. Michaels Marina, is even quaint. It's small, only a hand full of boats, and is surrounded by restaurants that serve local fare. (Crab, Flounder, Oysters) A nice park right next door provides the locals with a concert on Thursdays. It reminded us of Pensacola, Fl and Seville Square. Last night they had a good little string band, singing —what else?— boat songs.

We like it here and we're spending another night at St. Michaels. Soft shell crabs last night, steamed crabs tonight.

We hope to find a slip tomorrow at Annapolis before we start heading back south. It is the weekend so we aren't optimistic. Sometimes that make no plans thing bites us. But...  that's how we roll.


Searching on Google this morning for the church's name and came across some really nice pics by a local photographer.  J. Mark Owens Click here>>> St. Michaels

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