Friday, March 25, 2011


Those cute cuddly teddy bears of our southern waterways. All us boater types enjoy gawking at them as they unassertively paddle around the marinas and estuaries down here in Florida.
But, few know that they can be quite humorous as shown in the youtube below.

Or the manic, menacing monsters you will witness in the youtube on page 2.
Warning Graphic Video!

Nope, obviously we're still not doing anything interesting. Had to make up some junk just to keep the lights on in the blog.

Uh... let's see...

Palm Beach Boat Show yesterday; it was fun, lots of Megayachts, and lots of outrageously expensive automobiles. No signs of a bad economy there.

Oh yeah... almost forgot.
Smokey Dog BBQ team is competing this weekend, also in Palm Beach, so we will show our support for Will and Tara.
Big plus, eat some really good "Q"!

That's it, till later,



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