Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing new to report

Company has left and things are settling back into the normal groove; which is nice.
Found this interesting little music streaming site. Check it out Stereo Mood
Music for any occasion if you like their rather obscure playlist.

Anyway...  here's a picture just to brighten up the page a bit.

Radar as a pup on the beach in the Abacos.

And for those who have paid attention to us for a while, you'll remember our old Sadie and the pup Radar. 
Radar and Sadie's first trip on Istaboa.

So —for now— we work on the yearly task of preparing taxes, do a little maintenance on Istaboa, and wait for a good weather window in April to head for the islands.

Thanks for keeping up with us, we promise to do something interesting soon.




  1. Two absolute cuties! love to see happy dogs!

  2. Love the pic of the two dogs and the one of Radar is sooo precious. Sorry we missed you guys, again. Right now in Macon, GA heading north (unfortunately to snow).
    Deb, Rick & Izzy