Thursday, June 23, 2011


Man... have we really gotten into this island life or what? Actually been sleeping in a bit—wake up, have a cup of coffee, leisurely check out the internet, (that is still running smoothly)  check the market, check emails, then walk up to the office here at Compass, sit and chit-chat with others that are in the same state of mind, watch the tourist who come in to play with the sharks, then look out into all this blueness and enjoy the tropical breeze.

Folks love to pet the sharks and the sharks seem to enjoy it too.

Peggin the Procrastination Meter

Yeah... a little work. Still tweaking the virtual phone system for the marina and coordinating with the Memphis office who's designing a system that will make life much more efficient here on Compass.
So that's why there have been no recent posts on this blog.  Manana...

Did go fishing with Preston a couple of days ago... Right out in front of the island on the Sound side behind Refrigerator Rock. Caught dinner; a Strawberry Grouper and a few Trigger fish. Good eats.

 More on page 2.

Fishin here on the island is very self sustaining... You go out find a few conch, take em out of the shell, cut em up, pitch out a hand line with a conch baited hook and sinker, and within minutes you have dinner.
Refrigerator Rock... Get it?


About the only irritations we are experiencing would be the insurance folks who still don't like insuring the Albury over here in the Bahamas and some personal issues back home with our mothers. (that seems never ending, but our brothers are stepping up)

Had Tucker, the owner of Compass, over last night dinner. Made baby back ribs that he said were the best he ever had. Made an extra rack for Preston and Jamal, Tuck's brother and son. 
They were good, but not as good as Smokey Dog ribs from Will's smoker.

 enlarge the pic to read the quote from Esquire mag in 1938
Just threw this in... Ernest Hemingway fishing with a Thompson Machine gun over his shoulder. Must have been hunting Submarines during WWII.
He has the look of that manana state of mind I mentioned earlier in this post.

But we have company coming this weekend... Karen from Fort Lauderdale is flying over so things will live up again for sure. It's fun to take company around to show them all our discoveries. It's like we get to relive them all over again.

So that's it... Life is slow, comfortable, and just what we asked for. (except the bugs)



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