Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New place... New friends

New friends at Bay Springs.

We were tied up behind a big Catamaran named Kaleidoscope. The Owner/Captain is a nice fellow, he had actually built this boat with his own hands, all alone. Clyde shared pictures of him building it in his backyard in Riverside,California. He'd never built a boat before but had done a lot of welding.  
First building a scale model and hung it in his garage, then building the boat by transposing the measurements. He said once he finished it was cut into 3 pieces and loaded on trucks then took it to Longbeach, CA and put back in the water where he welded it all back together. Then he finished out the interior.
Clyde took it to Cabo San Lucas where he used it as a charter boat to take out corporate types whale watching. 10 years of that he had made enough money and quit. 
Now he's in Mississippi and ripping out the old charter boat interior and making a nice home out of it. Kaleidoscope has 2 elevators running between three levels. 

Interesting guy. We became good friends quickly.

Clyde's plans were to leave our part of the world and go to Central America. He was spending a year at Bay Springs rebuilding the interior all alone and did a beautiful job.

Then it was Clyde's time to go; his friend Kirk had flown in from California to assist in taking Kaleidoscope back to Central America where he would rejoin his bride, Mia.
The above pic is Kirk and Clyde's dog Kaiser.

Then he disappeared into the fog.
Hope we meet again.

A new beginning

For a change we moved to Bay Springs Marina. About 40 miles south of Pickwick Lake. Culturally... It's worlds away. It's really quiet here. Which we like. The folks seem nice too.
Our boat home has been at Pickwick for over 20 years but we have decided to try on the transient life for a while. So far it seems to be a liberating experience. We'll see next summer when it's time to come home to somewhere.
Got up early so Radar and I hopped into the Kayak and captured these images while anchored in one of the coves. It's an Eagle Sanctuary. Didn't see an Eagle but the fog at dawn's fresh light was beautiful. All I could hear was the Kayak paddles in the water and the ringing in my ears. (Too many live gigs)   

it really is quiet here... have I said that already?