Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sea Spray Déjà vu

Though we haven't been here in 5 years, we were treated like old friends by Junior and his crew. Junior arranged for us to have a golf cart for a couple of days and a cart is a hot commodity at this time of year.
Edney is always around to do a great boat wash.

Junior is the Man in Charge at Sea Spray, we first met him when he was just a kid working the docks here.

Our first night at Sea Spray was a huge Goombay party complete with Junkanoo band, Brown-Tip doing Rake and Scrape, and a really good band from Nassau named The Spanks. The place was packed.

Our friends from Stuart had dinner with us and we all decided that after the Junkanoo we would call it a day.  When Mel and I got back to the boat. Someone knocked and it was Bart and Nat... so off we go for a few more drinks and listen to the dance band for a while. The crowd was just too much and the music was way too loud so Mel and I sneaked back to the boat and our pups and crashed.

Yesterday we went into Hope Town and had lunch at Harbor Lodge. The shade and breeze made for a great spot to imbibe a few good rum drinks. We later went to Firefly's and had a few more. It was a fun afternoon that was followed by an island nap.

So last night we chilled on Istaboa with the pups and had Pizza.

Some pics I've made while in the Abacos are below.

Friends from the last Junkanoo party 5 years ago

Mel wearing matching drink, shirt, and shell bucket

Just an old Palm Frond on the shore at Hope Town

Tahiti Beach Sunset... Walking dogs and swatting mosquitoes

Little Mud loves Mel to swaddle him after a bath.

Full Moon at Boat Harbor

Albury with a sunset backdrop

We spent the night on anchor around White Sound. We had Everik, a Nordhavn 57, as a neighbor. We've met them before. Nice folks.

On the hill overlooking our anchorage is Meridian House. This is where we spent my 50th birthday, also where Mel and I renewed our marriage vows 10 years ago. What a party that was.

In a few days our friend Peter will arrive and we'll show him our old haunts. That's always fun.

So that's what we're doing... what we do.

More, or less later, depends...