Thursday, March 12, 2009


Mel in Downtown Nassau

Yesterday took the bus into downtown Nassau. Again, very busy but fun. We got our Batelco Cell phone reactivated and had lunch. Before lunch we met this fellow who was a barber. So I took advantage of the situation and got a trim. Most interesting hair cut ever. The walls were lined with Junkanoo headdresses and Masks. Tiki was a nice fellow. Everyone there was a native and when we walked in they start talking in a thick Patois accent that we cannot understand. We don't think they were talking about us; they just didn't want us in on their conversations. We respect that.

Mel and Tiki the barber

Bamba Yay, (look it up)


The Bank and Nassau

Following Total Return as the sun rises over the Great Bahama Bank.

The trip across the Gulf Stream was a piece of cake. A little bumpy at first but settled down to almost flat.
We entered the Great Bahama Bank just north of Bimini close to Hen and Chickens. The Bank was even more flat. We plotted a course for Russel Beacon where we were to meet our friends Russ and Molly onboard "Total Return". We got there about 5:30 and were dropping the anchor when everything went black. No AC electrical power at all. To make a long story short; we had lost our Inverter. I want go into what that is, just understand it's important. No AC on a boat like this is a bad thing. But the boat will still run. (I know some will say, just use your generator, but unfortunately it's not that simple.)
Total Return and New Horizons found us and anchored close by. We were all up before the Sun and made way across the Bank for Nassau.

Pulling into Nassau was exciting. We have never been here before. It's very busy, especially now because of Spring Break. The above pic is Atlantis. We are not staying there.

We are staying at Nassau Harbour Club. Funky but cool.

The above pic is the full moon rising above Nassau Harbor.

When we got in I made a few calls and managed to temporarily fix the AC issue. We now have AC electrical power.

More about Nassau soon.



The finishing touches

Just before leaving Palm Beach We found Boggy; a master teak varnisher. So we decided to put the 4 finishing coats of AwlBrite over the really beautiful varnish job we got in Panama CIty. It came out great. As you can see in the next shot.

It is so bright it's almost like a mirror.
Boggy did a great job.
Our friend Ben from home will be proud. He always gave me a hard time about our teak.