Friday, August 19, 2011

Home away from home... away from home.

Stuart and Sunset Bay.

So this morning, rested and nursing a few bumps, scrapes, and bruises, we're all enjoying the comforts and conveniences of being back in the USA.
Mel had pizza delivered last night, Radar got to see his buddies, Clyde and Bob, and I had the idea of driving our truck up the street to a grocery store for milk... then a liquor store for whatever I wanted. (not just Rum or Kalik)
Oh, the comforts of home.

Over the last few months, we've intentionally stayed away from TV news and all that goes with that. Our internet surfing has been no deeper into current events than the hyped up headlines of the news sites that made us cringe and look for something more entertaining and enlightening, such as Skype, tech stuff, and boat stuff. Stuff that actually had an affect on our lifestyle.
Yes, for three months we've had the luxury of living a wonderfully carefree existence. Of course we did a little work, but we did it island style. (When in the island, do as the islanders; as if you have a choice. If you haven't, everyone who dreams of doing business in the islands should read Don't stop the Carnival by Herman Wouk....)

And now... we're back.
We flip on the TV to catch up on what's happening and BAM!
The whole world is collapsing. Not just the USA, now the whole world is on the brink of financial destruction, the Arab Spring has been extended into summer, London is burning; in America, The Tea Party types are lost somewhere down the rabbit hole,  and with all this going on, our President has the audacity to go on vacation at about the same time other American families do. (Hope he and his family have a nice time, we've always wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard. Heard it's beautiful) About the only positive thing we've heard is the authorities finally let those three young fellows go free in my hometown of West Memphis, Arkansas. It's a crime they lost their youth. It's more of a crime the investigation into who did this stopped when it did. (Props to those who never gave up.)
Added on 8-28-11... Article from Memphis Commercial Appeal

But we look outside and it all looks just as when we left. We don't get it. So we turn off the news, eat our hot delivered pizza, take pleasure in the fact that the boat is notta rockin, relax, and watch a mindless, but mildly humorous, sitcom on TV.
Ignorance IS bliss.

On leaving the Exumas and Compass Cay:
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