Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moving on...

To fill in the blanks left by my last post done on an iPhone at Highborne Cay, we've decided some cruising would be fun. We quickly said goodbye to Tuck and Jamal, untied the lines, and made way. Jamal was stunned and saddened as we expected. We're not kidding about being family with these folks.
Leaving this is tough.

Highborne is always pretty and well kept. It's a very Americanized resort type of marina that can be described as upscale casual. In other words... you dress for drinks and dinner. They do a good job at what they do.

We ran across the bank today and are tied up at Nassau Yacht Haven. We decided Atlantis was just too much culture shock and we're not ready for that. 
We had lunch at the infamous Poop Deck Restaurant and the burger was as good as ever. Truly the best burger I've had in the Bahamas.

The plan for tomorrow is to run 80 miles to Little Harbor in the Abacos then see what we find upon arrival. The seas are predicted to be relatively smooth with light and variable winds. Hope those predictions turn out to be true. The pups hate rough days at sea.

With all this said, Mel and I are still carrying some strange feelings about leaving Compass. Maybe it's because we left so suddenly, could be we feel like we've left our friends behind, but it's probably because we know that no matter where we go, we won't find anywhere that life is as comfortable and beautiful as the island and our relationship with it's inhabitants. 

Now I'm feeling bad again.

Hell, we may just go back.



Happy Birthday, Silas Rui Taylor