Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Low Country

Well, that didn't take long. Our intentions were to push out of Charleston with a heavy load of fuel and water and run all the way up to Beaufort Inlet. All the weather sites showed doable seas until Tuesday afternoon or later.
But, weather is as weather does, things changed. TS Gert became Hurricane Gert. Though the blow is not a threat to the coastline, the seas were getting crazy and they're predicted to become even more confused.
We looked at Southport as the next stop, but our timing was all wrong. We'd arrive in the dark.
Much closer was either Winyah Bay and Georgetown or Myrtle Beach.

We turned toward Georgetown.

We'd never been here though good things are often said about Georgetown.
Surprisingly, those good things were understated. What a cool little town.

We literally rolled into Winyah Bay Entrance with seas on our tail and made the fairly long run up to Georgetown. It's pretty far inland, 14 miles,  but we found deep water all the way and it's carefully marked.

 We've tied up at Harborwalk Marina where we found a nice long dock. From here it's a block walk into the quaint little downtown area that's neat as a pin. Even though it was Monday and many restaurants were closed, Alfresco Bistro was open; it's fare and service was truly fine. It's a funky little place, the hostess leads you through the kitchen to get to the main dining room, however it's the best dining experience we've had on this trip.

 All of this makes Georgetown a good hang.

Georgetown is a very old, (1500s), and interesting little town. Back in the 1700s their cash crop was the color blue. Really.  Indigo was the crop of choice, more so than rice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgetown,_South_Carolina

So, here we'll stay for another night. There's biz that's needing some attention and another day at rest won't be a waste.  If the seas ease up tomorrow, we'll continue our run up to Beaufort Inlet, if not, it's the freakin' ICW for a while.

A small complication: There may not be a slip anywhere in the Carolinas this weekend. Eclipsemania has taken hold of the area and it's seems everyone want to see it from their boats. All slips are booked.