Thursday, September 1, 2011

A baby

... had to put it up.

This will be a happy day at Compass Cay and Wild Tamarind. Will has flown back to the Exumas to complete the project at Wild Tamarind and repair the damage Irene inflicted on the system at Compass Cay. Tucker's very proud that his island will be the first to get their net back since the storm.
Gotta have net, especially in the islands where it's the only reliable form of communication.

Meanwhile back in Stuart... We've started the maintenance projects on Istaboa. 
All seams will be stripped and re-caulked, a fresh coat of polish over the entire exterior, and it seems that Florida Yacht Interiors and the infamous Chase Camacho will finally do a proper job on the soft goods.  If so... I promise to post the interior pics. 

After all that is done, we are hoping to return to the Cays. Life is much simpler there and we seem to fit in nicely.