Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Radar's Day At The Beach

Radar loves the beach and always has. Muddy, not so much, never did. (though he's acquiring a taste for salt water)

So with nothing else on my busy schedule, I grab Radar and a camera; we're off for a walk across the island to the ocean side...  leaving little Mud on board to enjoy Mel's company and Istaboa's A/C.

On this afternoon, it's just two old boys out to enjoy a walkabout Crescent Beach.

Since a pup, Radar's been coming to Compass Cay and he knows exactly which path will eventually lead to the beach. With a spring in his trot he leads the way and only stops to look back and tell me to hurry up.

He always enjoys our time alone, as we once were.

I've said this several times, Crescent Beach at Compass is one hell of a beach; while walking the water's edge you'll most times be completely alone.

But just look at it.

The Planetarium
A fellow named Dave, on a boat named Livin' Large, is quite an artist. Dave built this mobile that we all call the Planetarium. He also constructed Hester's Livin' Large Gym that I put up in the last post. 
I've never met Dave, I don't think, but he's obviously a talented/creative dude with a lot of time and energy. All on the island appreciate his work.


This day is a hot day and it's a long walk, but Radar is clearly up for it. He may be getting a little older, but a walk to the beach? He's always ready.

You can see the happiness in those eyes... the boy truly loves this stuff. 

Radar, once again, is telling me to hurry up.  My boy's still lookin' good, isn't he?

Below are a few photos from one of Radar's first trips to the islands.

That same, hurry up!, look.

Elbow Cay 2007's Cruise

So it's established, Radar is absolutely nutty about the beach.

He's calmed down a bit since those days back in '07, (we all have except for poor Muddy), but he can still bust a move when he wants. These days, Radar likes to go in about chest high to cool off and search for things that crawl. He doesn't bother them, just watches.

And check out that swagger, he's on his beach and he knows it.

Beach Dog

This, my friends, was a nice day. Just an old boy and his dog.

We sat under the Tiki Hut for a while enjoying the view, the shade, the breeze; hell, just the pure unpolluted sound of the surf was amazing enough...  then we hiked back to the boat to wash off the sand and salt. We didn't see another being until we got back to the marina.
Solitude if you want it.

 Radar, cooling his heels before heading back to the boat.

One last shot: Where it all started.

Sadie and Radar

An early morning on the Tennessee River. This was Radar's first boat trip. Little did he know what was in store for him. Such a cute little guy and what a beautiful girl Sadie was. Sweet, sweet Sadie
Here's a link to another good day on the beach... Tahiti Beach

This shot warms our hearts and puts a lump in my throat...