Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something I posted a couple of years ago...

Things have changed somewhat... I ran across this again today and for some reason it hit home...
Click this..

Finally threw off those bow lines...

Not exactly sure about plans, but at least we're moving again. Heading south, which means some islands somewhere.
The weather wasn't exactly pleasant yesterday and it seemed we were on the edge of a squall all day. Which mean we got the rough seas, but none of the rain. Rain is always nice on a salty run. Makes clean up at the end of the day so much easier.

We hate the whole New York/ East Coast plan fell apart. The David Letterman Show actually called a couple of days ago to tell us we had 4 tickets to his show. Damn! Next Year, Dave.

We're hoping our friend Peter can make part of the trip with us to wherever. Again, we had plans that melted when it looked like weather was going to be bad enough to keep us in Ft Lauderdale, but now that system has moved on quicker than expected and we're hoping those plans can reform. Would love to show Pete the Exumas.

So now we're tied up at Los Olas City docks, our friend Karen has kindly loaned us her car so we can continue provisioning.

It's great to be moving again.
We'll keep you posted on plans as they solidify.