Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things that go splat in the night

As we were kickin' back, reading our books on a nice rainy afternoon, tranquility was being enjoyed.  Ahhh... We love days like this.
Then, out of the blue, Radar broke the peace and quiet and proceeded to lose his little mind. It was  quite disturbing at first as he was barking insanely at the wall for no apparent reason. We thought the boy had gone over the edge. Boat fever.

But after investigating we found this little fellow stuck to the bulkhead of the Pilot house. (Not sure what Radar would have done if he could have caught it.)
So being the friends of honest and harmless creatures that we are, we removed him and carefully set him free outside on the aft deck of the boat. Surely -we thought-  he will find his way off the boat and catch a few of bugs in the meantime.

So... a couple of nights ago as we were sleeping soundly, Radar struck again. 3:00 AM he started growling and woke us up. Then, barking, he lunged at Melonie in the darkness of our stateroom; which was very alarming.
In a very sleepy and confused state, I took him up to the salon to see if he was sick and may need to go outside. He was still upset about something and continued to growl but wouldn't go out.
That's when I heard Melonie say in a very grave and ominous voice, "Oh my God... Something is in the bed!".
I ran down stairs with Radar on my heals, still growling like I've never heard him before, and turned on the lights. Melonie was out of the bed, appearing to be totally freaked out, saying something about, "it crawled across my face". I pulled back the cover expecting to see a snake when something hurled itself out of the bed. This scared the crap out of us, especially with Radar barking like a banshee, which alone is enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck.
And there it was... The scary, creepy-crawling thing; the creature in the night...
Our little frog friend had come back to see us and thought our cool dark stateroom was as good a place as any to hop around in. Unfortunately it hopped on Radar, then walked across Mel's face.

I took it outside and -this time- put it on the dock then closed the gate hoping it would find another playground.
After the adrenaline dissipated; Mel and I went back to sleep; Radar stayed on guard for the rest of the night.

Oh, the perils we face while braving this adventurous life we lead.