Friday, August 7, 2009

Having fun in Stuart

Radar checkin his facebook page.
He's hoping Sissy sends him a cupcake

Life has been good here in Stuart. We did put the Albury in the water and have gone out in it every afternoon after the thunderstorms dissipate. It does cool off then and the sunsets have been nice. Took the little boat over to Manatee pocket late yesterday afternoon and had a quick dinner at Shrimpers. It was a nice ride to and fro but when we got back, the railroad bridge was closed and we had to hover for almost an hour. Not complaining...
We have made friends here at some of the restaurants that allow dogs. So Radar is becoming well known. Tonight we are meeting friends at Pelicans. Radar is also invited.

The baby deer from Rocky Point

I finally found my camera cable and was able to download pics; these are our babies from Rocky Point. They're probably getting big by now.

And this one is just a few starfish Mel found in the Exumas and stacked them up. I just thought it would make a nice picture.

So, all in all... we are enjoying ourselves here. Stuart is definitely a "boaty" town and seems to be a nice bunch of folks.