Friday, May 27, 2011

A fabulous day in the Exumas

  Tucker and Will installing new WIFI access points for Compass Cay WIFI

This day started out on top of Tucker's office at Compass Cay. Will and I have ran proper harsh environment cabling to all the new WIFI access points at the marina and the last step of this project was to put a directional antenna up as high as possible in an effort to link to boats at anchor on the bank in front of Compass Cay. Will was a bit tentative about crawling up the ladder that we had leaned against the pipe that's being used as a mast. Tuck laughed and said he had no problem with this. He said, "I been climbing palm trees for water since I was a boy, that's nothing."

So after work was done we all jumped in the Albury and ran south for about 30 miles to Farmers Cay. Along the way we stopped at Great Guana Cay to check out a cave.

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