Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busted a move...

Yup, we finally threw off the lines and went for a boat ride. It feels good. We've been at dock for way too long.

Woke at 5:00AM and got an early start. It's a beautiful day and Istaboa is running well. The plan is to cross Okeechobee and spend the night at Riverforest Marina on the other side of the lake.

 The Lucie Canal is a lot like the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. Just banks lined with palm trees instead of rocks.

Port Myaca Lock is on the eastern side of Okeechobee. Once you pass through here, you're in the lake for miles and miles. On this day the lake is very calm. Our last crossing a few years ago was incredibly nasty. Okeechobee is a muddy lake and after that run we looked as if we had taken Istaboa down a muddy row in a cotton field. Totally covered in muck from bow to stern.

Tourism, Okeechobee style.
This is what they were looking for. 

Large aligators are as common around here as squirrels in a park.
This guy was quite large. Probably 8' long.

Tonight we stay at Riverforest and get a head start for Ft. Myers tomorrow. We plan to have our Thanksgiving there then spend a few days before heading back to Stuart.

It's good to be moving again, even the boat looks happy.