Friday, June 21, 2013

We Bid Adieu

To Memphis and all that goes with it.
Again, we stayed longer than planned, but that's just what we do when we feel like it.
So we say goodbye with a photograph of a beautiful sunset over the Mississippi River; setting on the armpit of the Mid-South, my much maligned and deservedly so, hometown of West Memphis, Arkansas.

Now we're back aboard Istaboa and finishing up the small details in preparation for the start of another trip.
  • A diver coming today to clean the bottom and replace the zincs.
  • tweaking all electronic charts
  • polishing a couple hundred gallons of fuel
  • provisioning at Carmines for that hard to get stuff
  • I'm sure this list could go on and on
In the next few days we'll start our run north to wherever that takes us.
We have a new Granddaughter we've yet to meet. Maddie.

Adios... Adieu?



Today's Pic

For years... 1400+ nautical mile

and back. 1400+ nautical miles