Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sub-Tropical again

Another cold Kalik
Max's World Famous Conch bar at Deadman's Cay, Long Island

We left Long Island today and made way for Cave Cay. Long Island turned out to be a really cool place. We became good friends with the all the folks at Long Island Breeze. Mike, one of the owners, was still around even though they are closed. He still made us Rum drinks, shared a few with us, and also allowed us to use his internet. Nice chap from Brighton, England.
Our friends from Germany pulled into Thompson Bay yesterday. We always seem to pass each other on the way in or out.
We will return to Long Island next year.
When passing Georgetown on the way back our friends Dick and Patra, the owners of our former boat, hailed us on the radio. They are going to hang around there for the Family Island Regatta.
The National Family Island Regatta is a really big deal here. All the folks at Salt Pond were spun up about it. We would have gone but it was a bit crowded and loud. All of this peace and quiet has really spoiled us.

We are now back at Cave Cay in the Exumas. It was a pretty good run today even though the seas were a bit large. At least they were on our tail which made for a dry run.
Mel met the owner of Cave Cay Marina today and said he was a very nice guy... He just stopped by to see if we needed anything. We really hope he hurries and completes this marina. It will be a jewel.
The above pic was taken by Molly while she and Mel were hiking on our last stay here. If you enlarge the pic you can see the dingy where Russ and I were snorkeling. An absolutely beautiful spot that I mentioned in an earlier post.

So now we are working our way back north. Next we will anchor at Big Major's Spot where the wild pigs are tame and swim out to greet the boaters in hopes of a handout. Wonder what Radar will think?

Soon back to our Exuma home... Compass Cay.