Monday, July 22, 2013

WInd Horse

When we pulled into Morehead City Yacht Basin, the first thing that caught my eye was this boat.

I've seen 'Wind Horse' in many magazines and read Mr. Dashew's blog on occasion. Knowing it was at the same marina, just walking distance away, was exciting.

This is not your father's long range cruiser.

We had to walk over to take a closer look and, of course, take a few photographs.

Not sure what to say about this boat, other than it's like no other we've ever seen. It's specs on the Windhorse site are incredibly interesting if you're into boats, no matter what kind of boater you are, you'll find this boat fascinating.

Rumor is, she's been sold and Mr. Dashew is building an 83' version of the same design.

Tonight we're in Belhaven, NC at Dowery Creek Marina. There's a beautiful full moon that just lit up the creek.

Today's run was a wet and rainy one. Uneventful, though we were boarded by the USCG.
Nice Kids.


Morning skies over Dowrey Creek 
 (shot taken Nov/2010)

Today's destination.

Weather appears to have moved offshore and we're ready to be places we haven't been.
Realizing we'd best get moving, we cast off and now making way to Belhaven, NC.