Friday, December 11, 2009

They made it!

Those adventurous Pickwickians we mentioned in an earlier post have finally made it to St Lucia from the Mediterranean. That's a long boat ride. 20 days at sea by my calculations.
Mark and Theresa onboard Happy Jack are enjoying the Carribean we're sure.

St Lucia from atop

Cut from the blog of Lucky Jack
We made it to St. Lucia.  We are in the Marina at Marigot Bay and it is lovely to be on land again.  Already made it to the local restuarant and I am happy not to cook again for at least a month.  We are all pretty tired and are really enjoying the air conditioning at the dock.  All in all good trip, the boat did well and we only started running out of things like sugar, bread and bits at the very end.  Trust me no one starved, but the Captains wife said ocean law says that when you run out of food on a crossing you start by eating the biggest person first...ha ha.  Pictures to follow later today and as the days go on.  It's a little hard to put a month of pics and stories together all at once, so I will save it for a sleepless night.  Love and miss all of you and be back with pics soon. 
Glad they're safe. Now for the next leg of their adventure. Lucky Jack Blog