Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nassau — Not Paradise

Yesterday's leg was a pretty good one. It started out kinda chunky, but eventually turned into the seas PassageWeather had predicted. We made good time, (current in our favor = 10+knt avg), and made it into Nassau Harbor around 5.

We often head to Paradise Island and Atlantis Marina, but good reports from friends on the new Bay Street Marina convinced us to check it out. ActiveCaptain Info
Never having seen the marina before and my old charts not showing it being there, we had to feel around Nassau Harbor for the entrance. It's right where they said it was.
Bay Street Marina is a very nice, new, clean marina with the Green Parrot, Luciano's, and a coffee/sandwich shop restaurant at the top. WiFi is excellent for us and I imagine it is marina wide if you have an antenna/router way of attaching to it. Nice expensive/state of the art Ruckus WiFi equipment everywhere. Again, Free WiFi (that works) with the slip. What a concept!
As we're tying up, a sharp dressed young fellow walked up to the boat to say hello. Turns out it was Trevon Rolle, son of Trever Rolle, and grandson of our old friend and Bahamian business partner, Tucker Rolle. (Tucker is the owner and operator of Compass Cay and Compass Cay Marina) The boy has grown up nicely since we saw him last; now a very handsome young man. Trevon said he overheard our name on the radio and wanted to come down to the docks and say hello. We're glad he did.
Yes, we're getting close to home. It's been 3 years since our last visit and it'll be good to see our old friends.

Mel and I always enjoy watching this interview with Tuck. It's genuine Tucker Rolle.

We'll stick around today to pick up some supplies for the folks out in the family islands then make way to the Exumas, Pipe Creek, and home to Compass Cay.

We're getting excited.

This is turning out to be an excellent trip.