Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stuart's getting busy

Things have really taken off around here. The Snow Birds have landed and the anchorage is almost full. What was a moderately quiet little town has now evolved into a crowded urban municipality.
The roads are packed with folks that come down to escape the weather of the Northeastern US and Canada and they're frantically scurrying around provisioning for their stay, which will last till April.
But, with that comes lots of entertainment, (not that we need any help).

This weekend was Veteran's Day Weekend and the Stuart Air Show.

Starting on Friday, the area seemed like a war zone; Jets,vintage Bombers from WW11, and old Bi-Plane fighters from WW1 were flying over the marina from all directions to take part in the show.

We could see a lot the action while enjoying happy hour at the marina aboard Istaboa.

Even Dock Bird, who thinks of C Dock as his domain, decided to sit it out and watch all the really big birds occupy his air space.

So yesterday we took our friends, Bob and Mary, out in the Albury to a cove that's just below the airport to get a better view. We found the crowd of boats and dropped a hook amongst them all for a little while. It was fun, loud, and smoky; we had a nice afternoon.

 We're starting to have that itch to do some traveling, so a trip may be in order soon. Not sure which direction yet... we just want to get away for a while. Do a shake out cruise in preparation for another run to the islands. We'll see...



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