Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today's Pic

Two Drifters
Nordhavn N50

Looks Good To Me

As we were heading out Beaufort Inlet... It seemed flat. Rich said, "Looks good to me!"... and we agreed, it did.

But... as the day drew closer to an end, the chunkier it became.

Then the term chunky became an understatement.

It was too dark to photograph, but at one point I saw Two Drifters pitch almost completely out of the water — saw their stabilizer fins.  I'm sure we were doing the same.

That's when we decided to head west to seek shelter and we found it there.

Bumpy night.

Leaving Fernandina Beach today... the winds have finally laid down though it's still rainy and foggy.
It's really been blowing for the last couple of days.
Only good thing about that... kept the gnats away.
Not sure where we stop next.