Monday, January 28, 2013

Da Boyz

In order of hierarchy.

Radar will not relinquish that top step.
These guys are excellent boat dogs... Not gonna stop an intruder, but they'll certainly let you know they are there.

Shot In The Dark

Took the camera out last night trying to capture the full moon over Lake Worth... no  tripod to be found so pics are a little shaky.

Our resident Mega-Yachts are pretty sensational when all lit up. Everything is shiny, everything is in it's place, the lights glisten, and all is ship shape.

Mine Games is leaving tomorrow and the crew is polished and ready for a stint in the Bahamas.
Privacy just returned yesterday and will probably be here for a few weeks... so fix up, clean up is about to begin.
It's really interesting to watch these professional crews as they go about keeping these boats up properly. Expense is not an issue.

Hmm... gotta find that tripod.



Today's Pic

Sunset over the Mississippi from a Memphis perspective.
We're kinda missin' Memphis, though not the 30ish weather.