Sunday, October 6, 2013

Today's Pic

As we were leaving Solomons we passed. 'Santa Clara'. We first tied up behind them in Savannah.

Proof they're working on your teak.

Santa Clara
44 Kadey Krogen

Meanwhile, we're sitting under a covered slip at AYB. 
We moved to a slip on the outside edge so our Sat Dish would pick up a TV signal. 
Mel wants her NFL.

We're supposed to be hauled tomorrow to have our bottom painted and the hull polished. And, whatever else we find when we pull her out.

We were worried about TS Karen, but that's not as big an issue as once predicted. Rain, on the other hand will slow down the work we want done.

Sounds like more time in a hotel to me. Maybe a vacation during our vacation.

We'll see.