Thursday, August 30, 2012

One More Time

Yep, we're making another attempt at the Salon cushions. C-2-Shore Custom Canvas and Upholstery has convinced us they are the folks to do the job and do it correctly. I showed them our Marine Services Review blog and assured them I would tell their story; they didn't back down so we're feeling cautiously confident it'll be done correctly this time. We'll definitely let you know.
Remember the fiasco with Florida Yacht Interiors?

Yes, this is the continuation of our quest to restore Istaboa to near new boat condition. They don't make these 57s anymore and it would be a shame to let it be anything less; it's such a good boat.
Been seriously thinking about spending the bucks and replacing the KVH Sat Dish. It would be nice to watch NFL in HD. Craig, my old partner at Boatronix is in Lauderdale and the two of us could do the install; cabling is already in place so it shouldn't be too difficult and the old unit has value and is sellable on eBay. Those are all my justifications anyway. We'll see.

Woke early this morning and walked down to the beach; it's less than a mile away and a nice stroll, especially before it gets too hot. Jupiter is a nice area with a totally different feel than Stuart... not any better, just different. We're enjoying the change.

Got a couple of pics with my phone.

We're not sure when we're going back to Memphis, life's interesting here right now so there's no reason to hurry. Maybe when it cools off we'll head back for a while. There's lots of fun stuff going on in Memphis in the fall.

Anyway... that's about it... Thanks for checking in on us.

Life is still good, no complaints at all.