Sunday, January 22, 2012

Flying low to Lauderdale

Yesterday was interesting... Bob, one of our dock buddies, was taking this boat back to Ft Lauderdale and asked if I wanted to ride along.
The Van Dutch is so totally different than Istaboa that I figured a run out in a fairly rough sea in such a boat would be an unique experience. It was.

Bob also asked another dock buddy, Rob, to go as well. Boy, is this sounding redundant? What a crew, Bob, Rob, and Bob? Sounds like an old song.

Anyway, we motored out the St Lucie inlet and hammered down. This boat will fly!

Normally in Istaboa a run to Ft Lauderdale is an all day cruise... the Van Dutch did it in 2 hours.

We had lunch at Southport Raw Bar in mind, but once there we saw everyone else had the same idea. No place to park. So we headed back out to the ICW to head north to Pompano and end the day. On the way out of the canal we passed Contigo... We stopped and talked with Dwight and the rest of the Contigo crew for a moment. Nice guys.

Passing by the Lauderdale Yacht Club we got a pic of the club's sailing school regatta. Looked like the kids were having fun.

Some pics of the Van Dutch... Slick and Sexy... all along the way folks would stare. It's that kinda boat. These shots are from the Van Dutch Website

As you can see from the photos... She is made with for a specific purpose. Not a liveaboard... Not even a weekender.

No, she didn't come with the boat, but I think she is an option.

A fun day and a beautiful boat... Not necessarily our type of vessel, but undeniably very cool.

Another great day amongst many.