Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bahamas departure

The plans were made and it was in stone... Total Return, Pendana, and Istaboa were to leave Nassau at 6:30 to run all day to Hens and Chickens; (just a couple of rocks that separate the bank and the Atlantic ocean) anchor out for the night then take off early the next morning to cross the Gulf stream to the USA.

In the rain, we left Nassau right on time. Crossing the Tongue of the Ocean to the bank was not bad at all. The rain stopped and the skies turned blue

Pendana and Total Return lead the way
(Our new Compass Cay burgee)

Then... typical of the crew Istaboa, we had a change of mind. Somewhere along the way we decided to separate from the little flotilla of Nordhavns and head south for Cat Cay Marina.
So we called Total Return and Pendana to explain our reasoning, said our see you laters, and turned to port.


Cat was a long way but we made it in just before dark and went to the bar for a drink and dinner.
Ivan, the bartender was a friend of a friend and he allowed Radar in the bar. Dinner was quite good.

The next morning was beautiful and we checked out (the dock master's name was Radar). Next stop Fort Lauderdale.

The seas were flat and it was a very nice run. Then as we spotted the 4 candy striped smoke stacks at Port Everglades; the sea turned a bit chunky... but still not bad.
But just as we were about to make the cut into Fort Lauderdale the storm hit so we slowed a bit to let it move past.
We made into Bahia Mar Marina and tied up just before the skies opened, the rain poured, and lightning streaked across horizon.

All in all, it was pretty much uneventful. Just the way we like it.

So we're back in the land of the free (water anyway). Cell phones, internet, restaurants, traffic, pollution, noise.... better stop now or we may go back to Compass.