Wednesday, February 11, 2009

President Obama in Ft Myers

A nice story

Yesterday President Obama was speaking at the convention center next door to the marina where we are staying . I walked over at 8 as they were handing out tickets at 9. Thought I would get a jump on the crowd. WRONG!! There were probably 2000 folks in line; so I left.
Mel went at 9 to stand in line then at 9:15 they announced there were no more tickets. Folks were pissed. Some had been there since 10am the previous day.
So we resolved to watch it on

Then a Kid (who lives on a sailboat close by-- that I had struck up a conversation with a few days earlier. He's a computer tech.) walked by and said he had 6 tickets because he, his brother, and his dad had camped out waiting since early the previous day. He said he worked on his customer's laptops while waiting. He's an independent obviously.

This is a pic our young friend John took.
Then late that afternoon the young fellow stopped by the boat to offer us one of his tickets. John said he had one he could give up and who better to give it to than a fellow technologist.
(I just smiled... I can't remember ever being called a technologist.) So Mel, the fervent Obama supporter that she is, got to go. You would have thought she had been given a ticket to see the Beatles. Then to top that off... she was picked out of line and escorted by an aide to a great seat in front. She was so excited.
The whole town was excited. I have never seen that many folks so enthusiastic and animated about a politician. This guy is special. You have to admit it if you like his politics or not.
We did get to see the famous Presidential Limo that is built like a tank and took an Iphone pic of it but it didn't come out too well.

An exciting day in Ft Myers.