Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nassau, the other side.

We've been at Compass so long now our stores have run low. The fuel boat was scheduled to arrive, which meant we had to move, we needed a big city fix anyway as well as supplies,  so we left Compass and ran to Nassau for a few days.

So we woke at the crack of dawn and motored out of Compass, across Yellow Bank, and into Nassau Harbor. As usual we tie up at Nassau Harbor Club and as usual there's crazy Peter the Greek standing on the dock waiting for us. We had the boat washed, she needed it badly, and settled in for a quiet night after a long day. But, the quiet night was marred by the rough water at NHC. We're not sure why, but it seemed much rougher than we had ever noticed in the past. Tired we were, so we just stayed put. The next morning the boat was so far off the dock and was rolling so badly we could hardly get off to walk Radar. A decision was made to find a calmer marina. We decided we had never been to Atlantis... so why not, let's try it out.

Never thought to ever see this site.
Istaboa pulling into Atlantis?

Crew Istaboa is not the touristy type of cruiser. We always shy away from large crowds, especially those with lot's of children, but we decided to give it a shot.
Atlantis, without a doubt is impressive. Huge yachts border the outrageously decorated buildings. Think Disney World for boats.
Still, after time we realized, this is not for us. But... they had really good internet and I'm in the middle of a family crisis right now, so that was good.
Yesterday afternoon we felt the far edges of T.S. Brett. With some serious thunderstorms, it rolled in and rained buckets for 3 hours. When it was done, right at dusk, the sky was crazy. These pics were without a tripod so they're a little blurry.
Photographs on page 2.