Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No blows for now.

We were very happy to see the storms, Ana and Bill, turn in to non-threats... for us anyway. But tis the season so a watchful eye will always be out. The weather prognosticators are all watching something off of Africa. Some are predicting Ana will reform in the Gulf of Mexico and threaten those to the west of us. Time will tell.

Wonder how that anchor holds?
Probably sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, the crew of Bagan are way up north and breaking ice to make way. Not much worry of tropical storms up there but...

Cut from Bagan's blog:
After reading ice charts and making our way fairly smoothly down Peel Sound for the past few weeks, three days ago Mother Nature decided to shake things up a bit. Not only did we have to push, plow, and break our way through ice, we also had fog and zero breeze (which didn’t help move the ice). Our radar was one big green blob, and we could only find leads heading the opposite direction we wanted to go!

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Push, Plow, and Break Through Ice

For us here in Stuart? life remains good.