Monday, September 30, 2013

Today's Pics

Are late...

We were about to pull into Deltaville and Dozier's Marina as we always do when a fellow who'd been following us since we left Solomons called to let us know he was about to slowly overtake us to head to an anchorage. I asked where he was going and he said Fishers Bay.
So we followed him in... what a nice anchorage. Not too deep and comfortably wide so we dropped a hook. Actually there was a little more drama than that, but it was technical and all worked out well.

The sunset offered up a few photos and we've found, yet another, nice place to hang out on the Bay.

It was a memorable end to a relatively short run... who knows... we may stay for a couple of days.
I think we're feeling like dragging our feet... Not ready for the long slog down the waterway and home.