Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good times with good friends

Lunch at Finz

We just couldn't take the Memphis weather anymore, so we hopped on a plane and headed to Stuart.
Our good friends from Panama City had made plans to attend the open house at the Kadey Krogen headquarters here in Stuart.... So the timing worked out great.
The weather wasn't perfect but we took the Albury over to Manatee Pocket and Finz restaurant. Good food and drinks were enjoyed by all


The next day our boat neighbor and old Abaco buddy invited Mike, Will, and me to go fishing. It was a rough day and we had played a bit hard the night before but we all survived.
Got one Sail on but he won and got away. 


The next day was much nicer so we took the Albury out for a little cruise around the St Lucie river area.


Then we ended their stay with dinner at the new Marina Restaurant. Sailor's Return has turned out to be a beautiful place. The food was very good also.

So the Salty C's crew took off early to head home. Mel, Radar, and I -like always-  really enjoyed their company; we think they had a nice time also. (That was interesting...)