Friday, January 25, 2013

Dog and Dolphin

Came across this video on the Taking Paws blog from Crew aCappella.
Seems Dylan is quite the dolphin alert.

Yellow Labs are our favorites. Kind, sweet, and, most times, quiet dogs.

We're still in Palm Beach and enjoying it, lots to do here. Great shopping — Carmines, a Publix just down the street, Downtown at the Gardens, and the insanely crowded and equally obnoxious Apple Store.

I think the best part of being tied up at Old Port Cove, for us anyway, is that it's quiet and a convenient place for the dogs. Plenty of grass to run around and they're kindly accepted by the residents in the condos... and for the most part the only folks at the marina are mega yacht crews. They're pleasant young people who seem to enjoy striking up a brief conversation with this old crew as they go about their busy day. I'm sure if we do go to the islands this year we'll see them all from time to time.

Other perks of staying here? Free broadband WiFi that works well, parking's not an issue, and the boat fixers we've run across have, pretty much, been good. That may be because we're under the Yacht Tech umbrella and James Knight has quite a bit of influence down here.

Next weekend is TrawlerFest so we think we may do that. TrawlerFest, for those who don't know, is a small boat show that is dedicated to our kinda boats that do our kinda thing. Just the right size for us.

So that's about it for now... nothing very exciting, but as Preston, our friend from Compass says, "Everything Good" .

Thanks for checking in.



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