Friday, August 23, 2013

The Details

It's a rainy day in Annapolis, which gives me time to process some of the images I've captured. I started working on a few from the Naval Academy and was blown away by the intricate details that popped up on my screen.
They just don't make stuff like this anymore and if they did, it would be done on a 3D printer.

The Chapel is an amazing place... look at those pipes!

What drives all this.
The Naval Academy Chapel organ dates back to 1908. The Hutchins Organ Company of Boston, MA built the original instrument. In 1940, the Moeller Organ Company of Hagerstown, MD was contracted to build a larger instrument to support music in the newly enlarged chapel. Through the years, the organ has undergone several enhancements and renovations. Most of these enrichments to the instrument have been made possible through generous gifts of individuals and classes. The current instrument, comprised of both pipe and digital voices, totals 268 ranks and is controlled by two consoles.

As you walk around the campus you'll notice attention to detail everywhere you look. 

We never noticed the faces and the dolphin in the wake of this monument to the Submariners until I enlarged this photo.

The Academy is truly a national treasure and if you're ever in the area... spend some time here. It's worth it.

Thanks for checkin' on us.

Have a happy weekend.



Today's Pic

An old building in Eastport had this very cool mural painted on it's wall. Flaking off, but still nice.
A very bizarre encounter ensued as I used my phone to collect this visual... very bizarre, yet comical.
Had something to do with tourists, taxes, and politics. I didn't quite catch the whole rant, we ignored the fellows.

The malcontents caught up with us later down the street at the restaurant and... while one was trying to sell his boat broker services to me, the other was in Mel's and Josh's faces continuing his rant about politics and taxes. We had just finished our food and drinks so we, once again, ignored them and walked away.
People can be so strange sometimes... so angry with completely harmless strangers.

Never the less, we're still diggin' Annapolis.