Thursday, September 8, 2011

Watching the caulk dry...

Nope... we're not up to much. Having those maintenance issues dealt with in between rain showers. It's pretty hot after those bouts of rain due to the steam and the Florida sun. We're not complaining though... been catchin up on our reading (just finished the Stieg Larson Mellenium trilogy... it's good... Mel's nose down into Jodi Picoult's Sing you home... must be good too.) and doing some research... not to mention tussling with the folks at the Apple store in Palm Beach. (That's a whole other story to be told in person.) But yesterday as I sat inside Istaboa, watching the steam rise off the docks, I thought of Bagan; remember the 57 Nordhavn that did the Northwest Passage a couple of years ago? If you keep up with this blog you probably will. So I googled Bagan and came up with the trailer for the movie that has yet to be released. Too bad, it seemed to be such a good idea and a great adventure. A fellow named Sprague Theobald. Watch.

Then I googled a little deeper and found this video. Sights, sounds, and images of a world that most of us will never experience. I did go to Greenland years ago in another life, but I didn't see Narwhals or Polar bears.... Did hang out with some Eskimos though...( that too is a whole other story to be told in person.)
Interesting video.

Almost cooled us off just watchin this video—almost.

So, now it's back to watchin the caulk dry.