Saturday, June 26, 2010

Now the fun starts... again.

Seems just a few months ago we worried about Hurricane Season.
We waited it out last year while staying aboard Istaboa. Luckily, nothing happened. Then we went home to a domestic hurricane of sorts. Ill mothers and ill business made for a less than enjoyable stay at Rocky Point. Although we did make the best of it.
We spent more time in health care facilities and know more about Medicare, Medicaid's scary power, VA benefits, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and finally hospice; we could write a how to guide on the logistics of caring for the helplessly ill.
So now it's officially the 2010 Hurricane Season.
and check this out...

 This one should not affect us here on the east coast but our friends in Guatemala will definitely be getting a boat wash. (Hold on Clyde, Mia, and Kaiser, we hope the blow is not bad up in the Rio Dulce River.)
Wonder what this will do to the mess in the gulf. Probably emulsify it like a crude oil vinaigrette.

Our plans have changed a bit as of a few days ago. Times being the way they are, making every dollar count; we were able to save a considerable amount on insurance by taking Istaboa north. At least north of the Georgia border line. Just for a few months then we will come back home to Stuart.
Since we didn't cruise the islands this year and my mother is being taken very good care of... Let's do a bit of cruising. We have never been north of Brunswick, Ga, so maybe cruising  the Chesapeake Bay will prove to be interesting. We're sure it will be.

We will keep you posted.