Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apple Core? Baltimore! Who's Your Friend?


After a month, we've finally bid farewell to Annapolis and arrived in Baltimore's Inner Harbor... Downtown and everything that goes with it.

Our buddy Pete lives on the 24th floor of a building that overlooks the harbor, he got some great shots of us coming in.

Pete walked over and we all had lunch just a short walk round the harbor.
We can tell we're going to enjoy our stay in the big city; the weather's forecast to be low 70s tomorrow and sunny... it should remain this way for the foreseeable future.
Oh yeah, we've heard from our friends aboard 'Santa Clara', folks we met in Savannah on the way up, they'll be here in a few days... so it should a fun stay before we turn to head back down the bay.

Thanks for the photographs, Peter.



Today's Pics

NSS Annapolis, officially known as Naval Communications Station Washington, D.C. Transmitter or NavCommStaWashingtonDC(T)

Yep... even these towers are historic.