Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baltimore: Parting Shots

Baltimore was interesting... Big City!

I wandered around yesterday with cam in hand and caught some nice pics.

Living Classrooms is a project to give inner-city kids hands-on training; sailing, boat building, and other things that will teach the skills needed in a port city.

It was a beautiful day so I kept walking.

A nice day to take your puppy out for a stroll and lunch.

A nice day to do a little urban fishing ... guess these young fellows had to share a rod and reel.

 Checked out this record shop in Fells Point.. They had some great vinyl records, but there's no need for that on the boat so I just looked. They had a really good Memphis section.

And, of course... it wouldn't be a walk in the big city with out some real street color.
This lady asked for money for food... I gave her 5 bucks and said, "Eat it, drink it, or smoke it, I don't care, but I want a picture" — she happily consented, smiled, then said in a sincere voice... "You're a nice man. Thanks. I could use a drink."
We both laughed.