Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Last Real Photo Shop

I've been wanting a new camera for a while and have researched everything to death on the internet. From Amazon to Adorama to Ken Rockwell, I've studied and shopped every Nikon made, but still couldn't justify the camera I really wanted.
Till today...
I've always wanted a full frame sensor DSLR, but the prices have kept such a beast out of sensible reach from a photographer like myself. Recently Nikon released the D600 that's still a bit pricey, but not insanely so. I've almost bought one for months only to walk away empty handed.
Today, I went to the last photo shop in Memphis. Memphis Photo Supply has been around for 103 years. Yep, that's right, 103 years.

Cut from their website:
My grandfather, Fred G. Boehme Sr., founded Memphis Photo in 1906 -- Teddy Roosevelt was president, a new car cost $750, a gallon of gas was 28 cents and the average price for a new house was $2800!  The business was incorporated in 1916, and that same year, we started doing business with Eastman Kodak.  Very few companies in business today can say they’ve had an account with Kodak as long as we have. 
My father, Fred G. Boehme Jr., joined the Company in 1932 during the Depression and  I joined the Company in 1974 after graduating from the University of North Carolina.  My name is Fred G. Boehme III, but everyone calls me Buzzy. 
For three generations Memphis Photo Supply has been meeting the photographic needs of the Mid-South.  Whether you’re a professional photographer, a first-time camera buyer or a photofinishing customer, our friendly, knowledgeable staff (including two Certified Photographic Counselors and a professional studio photographer) can answer your questions and help you find what you need.
And yes, I had a long conversation with Buzzy.

After that long conversation where he convinced me I should buy the camera I want, he said, "I bet you'll buy that D600, but you'll buy it online and pay about a hundred dollars less. That's pretty much my cost."
I thought about it for a second before I said, "Nope, order it for me, we'll do it the old way."
Later in the day my phone rang and it was Buzzy. He was calling to tell me he had found a deal on a refurbished D600 and that it would save me $400.00. He said, "You'll save 400 and I'll make an extra 50. I'll warranty it for a year for free. Let's see the internet beat that."

 done with my iPhone

I love a win-win deal. 

Gonna really love that D600.

Shop local while it's still possible. It doesn't cost much more for personal and professional service.



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