Thursday, April 30, 2009

Compass Cay Characters

The evening drink and think.

Happy hour discussions are always interesting here on Compass. This day's group included our German friend Torsten and Giles from Corsica. Giles and his wife Martinique have been here for a few days. Giles doesn't speak English as well as Martinique so she translates. Our dry American humor does not always translates as we expect. Often we get odd looks until we explain; then we get big laughs at the absurdity. This day's pow wow was all about alcohol. Torsten likes Haitian rum and broke some out. Barbancourt is good stuff. Giles shared his Anisette which is similar to Absinthe; also good stuff.
Happy hours around here are never boring.

Crew of the Bahama Star

Our German Friends on Sandpiper

Captain Bruce of the Bahama Star

All very colorful characters we have had the good fortune of meeting and getting to know.
Bahama Star is a charter sailing boat. Bruce and Eric have crossed our path several times during our stay in the Exumas. Fun Guys.

More pics later when we find more net



PS... Thanks to Mike from Panama City for the Smoked Chicken quarters. They were very much enjoyed and totally consumed here on Compass.