Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Bye Rocky Point... Hello Bluff City!

The last days of Rocky Point were excruciatingly painful in so many ways. About the only thing good that happened was the real estate agents and lawyers were such assholes, we forgot all about the emotional turmoil of leaving our home of many years and were just pissed off and ready for it all to end. This real estate transaction from hell is an incredibly long/complicated story that can only be told over drinks.

So here we are... Downtowners!! It's been a tough move, but we think the worst is behind us.

This is an iPhone pick so you can't see the Mississippi River back there behind those houses, but it's there and it looks like the sun is setting in the middle of it. We'll have nice vistas out the windows on the west side. I like storms so I'm hoping for a good thunderstorm soon.

 This is the old Tennessee Brewery I mentioned earlier. Our neighboring building.

Being the Art District of Memphis, our building is full of interesting stuff. The above is a pic of the old original warehouse doors from our building done by a local artist who made them a bit more colorful. Nicely done.

This weekend is Beale Street Music Fest and the kick off for Memphis in May; we've been hearing sound checks for the last couple of days. Someone was banging out Purple Haze yesterday and rattling the windows.

From the looks of the crowd in this pic, we're pleased to be able to sit in our condo with the windows open or up on the roof and listen comfortably. We're not crowd folks, but it should be fun to watch from above. The stage is below us a few hundred yards away.

 I borrowed this photo from lalunablanca

We've discovered a really nice park close by where we can safely walk the boys. Butler Park is atop the bluffs overlooking another park and the river. Very clean and popular. As you can see below, the sunsets at the park will be as good as the ones at our marina in Stuart, Sunset Bay.

I borrowed this photo from Kevin Reed

Okay... you're caught up.

We think we're really going to like it here. All the folks we've met so far have been very friendly and actually seem to be like us, some younger and some older, but all seem to enjoy the live and let live approach to life. It kinda reminds us of living at a marina, everyone seems to watch out for each other.

 Don't ask... Just watch the video... Prince Mongo

This should be fun... a new chapter for crew Istaboa.



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