Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1st Day At The Beach

Bimini has very nice beaches and we thought this would be the perfect time to let Muddy check out the seashore. Radar has always loved the water and we were hoping Mud would also. He did get a charge out of the soft sand and had lots of fun scampering around, but the surf scared him and he didn't really want to get too close.

You can almost interpret their thoughts in these next few pictures.
Seems Muddy is asking Radar, "What the hell is this?" and Radar's saying, "Be cool Kid, you'll love it. It's the beach."
Radar steps in the water and looks back at the kid. "Come on, it's the beach, it's fun!"
Then Radar tries to lead by example, but Muddy is having nothing to do with it.
So he tries coaxing him in, but nope... Not gonna do it.
Realizing the boy's not coming in, Radar relents and gives Muddy a good run. Radar loves to run in the sand almost as much as playing in the water.
Well they have that in common. Mud loves the soft sand on his feet. He can really get going, almost gets air.
Finally, I pick him up and set him in the shallow water, but the waves freak him out so he didn't stay long.
He's just a pup, even Radar doesn't like the surf as much as he does smooth water, maybe the tidal creek at Compass Cay will be more his style. We're sure little Muddy will figure it out in time.
And if he doesn't... It doesn't matter... He's such a cute little guy and he gets better everyday. How can you not love this face.

Now it's bath time.