Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another Day In Nassau

The decision to leave on the high tide this morning quickly became yesterday's plan. And, as our plans usually go, things change. The good fortune to have free and consistent high speed internet at Bay Street Marina was enough incentive for us to give Nassau another day. We'll take this time to do a few fat up/downloads (update charts and insurance forms) before we head off to the Exumas where very expensive satellite internet is the only option.
And, we should know.

Game of Thrones, Yes?

Yesterday was like a cruiser's rendezvous.
Just next to us on a beautifully restored blue Tollycraft was a former Nordhavn owner whom I spoken with several times. a few years back Greg had considered buying the former Istaboa before deciding on the Tollycraft.

Next, waiting for marina transportation to the Fresh Market, Mel and I bumped in an old buddy, who for years, kept their boat just 2 slips down from us at Pickwick Lake in Tennessee.
Doug and Pam are on their new boat, 'Just In Time', which is the perfect name for a retired FedEx employee's vessel.
It was fun to see the Duncans again; we last crossed paths at Compass Cay 3 years ago.  They gave us a tour of their new boat, (yacht), and a beauty she is. It's always a special reunion when we run into old friends from the lake days.

This morning, 'Just In Time' stuck to their plan and departed Nassau for Eleuthera... I got a couple of shots as they were leaving the harbor.

Nice Boat
Nice Folks

Today, there will be more time to tie up loose ends then maybe walk down to Potters Cay for lunch.